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We Focus On Technology So You Can Focus On Your Business

Do you work with lawyers and accountants?  Most businesses rely on such professionals for specialized advice because they have unique knowledge. The same is true with technology: you need professionals who stay current on new products, have tools to examine and repair applications and equipment, and hone their skills every day.

Technology professionals, however, are difficult to find and expensive to maintain in-house.  Our solution: a dedicated IT professional, but only when you need them. Vicinitech acts as your “part-time Chief Technology Officer”, giving you business-class service at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated employee.

Our technicians cover the world of business technology: hardware, software, networking, anti-virus, spyware, backups, the Internet… and they work with you to find out what you need to make your business productive.  And because we do this for many clients in many industries, we are experienced in building technology that optimizes cash flow and productivity.

Our overriding goal, no matter what your business, is to help you reach your potential with technology.


“Extremely knowledgeable and helpful in troubleshooting and configuring our system to its maximum performance level… thanks again for helping us out when we most needed it.”

– a satisfied client


We Serve Clients In Many Industries

  • Professional Organizations: Architects, Law Firms, Consulting and Engineering Firms, Accountants, Realtors
  • Healthcare Operations: Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Medical Billing
  • Retail Operations: Restaurants, Auto Centers, Retail Stores
  • Government Agencies & School Districts
  • Distributors & Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Logistics and Transport

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