Vicinitech helps small businesses with Technology Planning

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Plan Your Technology For Business Growth

Have you considered the business impact when planning technology investments? If computers fail, it’s a business risk. If you need to replace them quickly and incur an unexpected cost, that’s more risk. But not being able to handle more business is the biggest risk of all. The key to balancing predictable technology investments with business productivity is a strong technology plan. Benefits include:

  • Productivity Gains: Targeted updates can improve employee efficiency, customer service, and operational expense.
  • Sustainable Systems: Planning minimizes obsolete hardware or applications that cause underlying business issues like lost customer data or downtime. It also controls the rate of technology changes that affect your staff.
  • Consistent Cash Flow: Through planned investing an organization can match outbound cash flow with business conditions and eliminate large short-term expenses

Technology Assessment

Are you leveraging technologies to make your business competitive? Our professionals will assess your needs to identify needed technology capabilities and prepare a plan to upgrade systems if necessary. Our end goal is to identify areas that yield the best investment return for your organization. An outline of our process:

  • Business Review: A discussion of business goals, expansion plans, and budgetary considerations
  • Assessment: A review of existing technology infrastructure and its impacts on business process
  • Evaluation: Internal review of potential technologies to improve your workplace
  • Technology Plan: Solution alternatives, business impacts, investment time frames

IT Security Audit

How do you know if you have security risks? Our assessment tests your data protection levels in all modes of access to protect information and limit legal exposure. Some areas we test include:

  • External Threats: Firewall, Spyware, Virus Protection
  • Physical and Logical Customer Data Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Security Practices and Password Control
  • Adherence to Industry Regulations

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