Is your small business secure?

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Vicinitech can help you secure and protect your business

When you hear the term cyber security you think of lasts nights headline where the next corporation has become a victim of a data breach. You then ask yourself , ” if these major corporations with millions of dollars are penetrable, is my business safe?” You might be reluctant at first because you confide in your local IT team. But the truth is you may not be safe, the question of whether you are safe or not can only be answered by reviewing the rest of this article.

The reality is that most small businesses do not centralize their efforts to protect themselves from attacks because they are not educated on the basics of cyber security.

Often times we walk into businesses and find that they do not have the proper hardware and do not have the proper protocols set in place to prevent a cyber threat.

One of the first things you should do as a small business owner is to protect your network by purchasing a firewall with a subscription.

What is a firewall? you ask, a firewall is a device that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic on your network. You don’t want your employees using Facebook? you simply block it. You don’t want your employees downloading malicious software that can cripple your company? No problem, you can block that too. 

Now, getting this hardware does not guarantee that your company will be safe but it is one of the first steps you need to take to protect your company.

Another basic thing you can do to protect your company is to set policies that make users create complex passwords. Often times we see passwords that look like this, “password1234”, “yourname1234” or even “Winter2019”. These passwords are unacceptable and are some of the most commonly used passwords that should be avoided. Any hacker with with basic skills will be able to crack these codes. 

Another basic strategy you can use to protect your network is to have a training session that shows users how to be vigilant when reading potentially malicious emails. Scammers often like to “phish” emails so they can spoof user accounts to gain access or to attain information.

What is phishing? Phishing is the practice of sending out or performing any type of telecommunication that is used for obtaining sensitive information for malicious intent.

Often times a user is not training to detect a phishing email. Some basic things to look out for in a phishing email are:

  • Broken English, poor spelling and grammar
  • Misleading modified domain name used to mimic the organizations domain
  • Request for personal information
  • Your Asked to send money
  • The message makes unrealistic threats

These are just a few things you can do to protect your business. If you have questions feel free to contacts us.

Are you at risk?